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Did you know that unless you’re consuming at least 10-15 cups of fruits and vegetables every single day, you're missing out on the most ESSENTIAL micronutrients you need to fully absorb all the food you’re eating and spending your hard earned money on? In reality, you’re mostly just “crapping cash” and peeing out expensive urine.  It’s true. Research any scientific journal and you’ll learn that if you do not absorb what you’re eating, you lose, which means you'll remain small and weak.

Did you know that you can reset your digestion and maximize absorption with SUPER NUTRIENT UPLOADS, in just five minutes a day? This means you build a bigger body making you look great in any clothing. Now, we understand you might be supplementing with an expensive greens powder or multivitamin, but we're here to tell you, after working with more than 1 million people combined, introducing super nutrient uploads to your day is the easiestcheapest and fastest
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Did you know that most people have radically altered and damaged their metabolism from a lifetime of processed, boxed and packaged fake “food products” that are LOADED with hidden chemicals and obesity additives? So when they decide to start eating healthy whole foods, all the necessary and beneficial ingredients are wasted because they’re not digested OR absorbed (even if it’s expensive organic food)? 


Resetting the digestive system

The reason you're not seeing dramatic muscle gains and faster fat loss, even if you bust your ass in the gym day after day and eat right, is because you need to reset your digestion system.

Imagine paying for premium gas in your sports car week after week and never changing the oil. Your 300 horsepower Lamborghini just turned into a 100 horsepower Honda Civic!

Get it?

Let me be crystal clear: It doesn’t matter how clean you eat or how smart you train, you’ll NEVER see results without adequate absorption of the nutrients you take in.


Here Are The 4 Hidden Internal Obstacles Robbing You Of A Lean, Confident & Muscular Body That Men Envy & Women Admire…

Obstacle 1: You've been focused on macros and missing out on micros and it's stopping your gains

We bodybuilders are all over our macronutrients. Those of us who are really serious can tell you how many grams of protein, fat and carbs we've eaten on any given day. We know when we should eat the most protein, when we need the carbs, which fats are best for us and how to tweak our diets based on whether we're cutting, bulking or maintaining.

This is all important stuff to know and the macronutrients are the foundations of our diets, but they are not the end of the story. We focus so much on the best protein sources and can spend hours researching the different types, but when it comes to vegetables and fruits, we simply eat what we like and skip what we don't. Even the vegetables and fruits we do like don't show up on our plates nearly as much as they should.

Because very few bodybuilders eat 10-15 servings of fruits and vegetables daily, we spend a fortune on nutritional supplements to get the vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and other micronutrients we need. Unfortunately, the micronutrients in supplements are less bio-available than those you get from whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, so you end up with far less of them in your bloodstream than you think. You're also spending a lot of money for that less-than-ideal supplement.

The problem is that without sufficient amounts of these micronutrients, you're not going to get the massive gains you want and you are not going to see optimal fat loss either.

The best source of every micronutrient (with the exception of B-12, which is only found in animal products and fortified grains) is a plant food. But, you have to get plenty of those plant foods into your body every day and that's something most of us fail to do.

Another aspect to this obstacle is that when we do eat fresh fruits and vegetables, we do it based on what we like or what's on sale at the store. Very often, that means that our intake is limited to three, four or five favorites (or things we tolerate) so we get a decent supply of a few vitamins and minerals and miss out completely on the rest. How many of you know which vegetable is best for getting which nutrient? Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is like writing yourself a prescription, if you know what you're doing.

Once you know what each vitamin or mineral can do for you and which fresh plant foods have the best supply, you can address any concern, need or issue your body has, from the common cold to testosterone production and muscle recovery.

Obstacle #2: Your Hormone System is Out of Whack PREVENTING Optimal and Sustainable Gains

How much money are you spending every month on gym memberships, personal trainers, organic foods, good steaks, expensive supplements and bodybuilding magazines? How much time are you spending researching the best protocols, designing a training program, lifting weights, doing cardio and then doing it all over again when you stop seeing results?

Part of the reason may very well be that your hormones are way out of balance, especially insulin, cortisol and testosterone.

High levels of insulin in your bloodstream stimulate your body to store glucose as fat instead of converting it into glycogen and getting it into your muscles to be burned as fuel. High cortisol levels prompt your body to store more fat, especially in your abs. Low levels of testosterone prevent you from building lean muscle and keep you from gaining mass no matter how good your workout protocol is.

So what does this have to do with juicing? One of the most important connections has to do with free radicals.

Free radicals are caused by toxins, environmental stress, emotional stress and a whole slew of things that attack our bodies. We want some free radicals in our bodies to fight off these things, but free radicals also destroy healthy cells. This can cause reduced liver and kidney function and get our hormones out of balance.

How do you reduce free radicals, help regulate insulin, lower cortisol levels and raise testosterone? By getting an abundance of the micronutrients found in vegetables and fruits, especially phytochemicals and other antioxidants found in very colorful fruits and vegetables such as beets, carrots and berries.

Obstacle #3: You've Suppressed Your Immune System And It's STOPPING You From Recovering Adequately

Some of you will read that and think, "Vince is saying that if I get sick I'll miss my workouts for a few days and slow my progress." But your immune system is about a whole lot more than fighting off a cold that will keep you in bed and out of the gym.

Muscle building itself is an immune response. Think about the process of building muscle. You work a muscle to fatigue, causing tiny tears or micro-fissures in the muscle tissue and your body repairs them. Do you realize that those tears are basically an injury? Which system repairs injuries? Your immune system. BUT, your immune system is a complicated one and there are a lot of factors that influence how well and how quickly your body repairs (builds) that muscle tissue.

For instance, your immune system triages its resources. It is like a gun, and vitamins and minerals are the bullets it uses to wipe out anything that is harming your body. It prioritizes the use of those vitamins and minerals and the truth is that your immune system doesn't really care much about your bodybuilding goals.

If you're overloaded with free radicals (from stress, toxins in your food and environmental hazards) your immune system will use its resources to fight those. If your digestive tract is full of waste and toxins, your immune system will focus on fighting off the harm they're doing.

If you're constantly fighting off a cold, the flu or other illness, that's where your immune system will direct its attention. After all of these more important tasks, your immune system will then spend the leftover micronutrients on rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue.

One of the most important things you can do to boost your immune system and free it up to focus on muscle building is to get enough of the antioxidants, vitamins and minerals it needs, so that it has fewer fights to face and more resources to spend on building muscle.

The other big problem related to bodybuilding and the immune system is that when your immune system is overrun and undernourished, your body is overwhelmed by inflammation. Inflammation is one of the many immune responses; it is an attempt to fight off an injury, toxin, bacteria or other stimuli. Chronic inflammation can be caused by several things, but some of the most common (and preventable) causes are high blood sugar and oxidative stress.

Chronic inflammation can cause a host of diseases and disorders, including heart disease. As far as bodybuilding-related problems it can slow the recovery process greatly, cause metabolic syndrome, which leads to excess belly fat and obesity and keep you from getting the body you want, no matter how hard you're working out.

Obstacle #4: Your Digestive System Is NOT Operating Properly And It's LIMITING Your Nutrient Absorption

One of the biggest problems with the Western diet is that it works against good digestive health. We eat too little fiber, especially plant-based fiber, and fill our bodies with too much junk that it has difficulty processing.

How does this affect bodybuilders? It affects us in several ways.

First, all of the waste and toxins built up in our digestive tracts make us bloated and cause everything from diarrhea and gas to food allergies. That excess waste also shows up on the scale and on our bodies making us appear fatter and flabbier than we should.

A bigger issue with poor digestive health is that we are unable to absorb enough of the nutrients we eat. When you consider that most of us don't get enough of those nutrients in the first place, it's even more upsetting that we're not absorbing all of what we do get.

The chief cause of this poor digestion is a serious lack of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that our digestive system needs to function, which leads to poor absorption of more vitamins and minerals and enzymes. It's a nasty cycle, but it can be broken by both cleansing our digestive tracts and taking in plenty of plant-based nutrients.

When your digestive system is unable to absorb the enzymes, vitamins and minerals in your food, the micronutrients you are getting (including the ones you get from expensive vitamin supplements) are literally going down the toilet.

Not only do most bodybuilders get too few fruits and vegetables in their diets, but the produce they eat is sorely lacking in nutrients. Commercially grown vegetables and fruits are raised in depleted soils, treated with herbicides and pesticides, genetically modified, picked long before they're ripe and then lose most of their vitamin and mineral content while they're being stored and shipped.

The best thing you can do is to purchase locally-grown, organic fruits and vegetables from a local shop or farmer's market. The organic produce at the farmer's market is often cheaper than the commercially grown stuff at the grocery store, so don't make the mistake of thinking that organics are too expensive for your budget. Consider this; if you're getting all of those nutrients from juicing fresh vegetables and fruits, you won't need to spend money on expensive vitamin and mineral supplements!

However, even if you buy high-quality, organic produce, it won't fulfill its potential if your digestive system is out of whack and not absorbing what you eat. Here's a simple truth:

You are NOT what you eat. You are what you absorb!

So the questions you must answer if you want massive gains are:

How can I get ALL my micronutrients? How can I balance my hormones? How can I enhance my immune system? How can I maximize nutrient absorption? Simple and Easy!

Instead of wasting your precious time cooking, preparing and chomping on 15 servings of veggies each day:


  • You don't need to WASTE your time preparing, cooking, and choking down a dozen different veggies EVERY DAY for optimal results… All you really need to skyrocket your health is to start juicing with these delicious and easy to prepare recipes specifically designed to build muscle and shred fat…
  • You don't NEED to spend thousands of dollars a year on expensive supplements that are NOT NEARLY as bio-available as the whole fruits and vegetables inside your fridge at this very moment…


Everything you need to know to start absorbing these specific muscle-building nutrients is laid out for you in this step-by-step, easy-to-use, recipe guide requiring only 5-minutes of your day:

Get Juiced is the MISSING LINK to lean muscle gains and flattening your belly permanently by delivering 101 simple to make, delicious juicing recipes that require minimal time and provide maximal results!

After years of experimentation on friends, family and even hundreds of clients, not only will you drink the best tasting juices that made the "cut", but you will love knowing what they are doing for your body and overall health.

Every single one of these recipes has the specific combinations and the precise ingredients so you can handpick the recipes that meet your specific needs and "target" your personal goals. Transform your body at will -- in only 5 minutes a day!

Just a FEW of the many recipes you'll taste in our Get Juiced Recipe Guide include…

  • The Bone-Builder
  • The Lean-Green Fat Burning Machine
  • The Muscle-Cramp Stopper
  • The Blood-Flow Booster
  • The Sex-Fueler
  • The Age-Eraser
  • The Liver Cleaner
  • The Blood Pressure Optimizer
  • The Muscle-Soreness Reliever
  • The Instant-Energy Shot
  • The Hangover Fix
  • The Alkaline Enhancer
  • The Inflammation Killer
  • The Cold & Flu Preventer
  • The Cancer Fighter
  • The Memory Activator
  • The Immune System Strengthener
  • Superman's X-Ray Vision Juice
  • The Anti-Ulcer Probiotic Juice
  • And So Much More!

I wish I could take credit for these 101 muscle-charging recipes… Facebook page

Hi there, my name is Vince Del Monte, regular contributor to leading fitness magazines like IRONMAN, MEN'S FITNESS and INSIDE FITNESS.

I got very lucky when I was in San Diego a few years ago and I met the man who has brought juicing vegetables to the mainstream. His name is Drew Canole and he has helped almost 1,000,000 followers while leading the "juicing movement" across America and the world!

I also had the unique privilege of being able to test out many of his "hand-designed" juicing recipes, eager to introduce juicing to my own life. Drew trusted me to start sharing his juicing recipes with my own people (remember Season 1 of Live Large TV?) and I'm happy to report the results were insane. However, without Drew, YOU would never benefit from the juicing recipes you're about to smell, taste and feel.

Now, with that said...

Until You Discover Exactly WHAT These Precise Juicing Recipes Are You’ll Just Be Gagging Down Nasty Tasting Drinks And Pouring Money Down The Drain…

I get emails from guys every day who attempt to make their own greens drinks…

They end up wasting time and money using the wrong combinations and ingredients in their recipes.

And most of the time they have to gag them down because they taste GROSS.

Simply throwing together a few fruits and vegetables in a blender is certainly not "wrong" but it could be a waste.

Many people see how simple juicing greens looks so they just assume they can do it by themselves. But without the specific ingredients and portion sizes that come with the Get Juiced Recipe Guide you'll just be wasting your time and energy.

Do you really want to risk WASTING money mixing and matching your own recipes that end up tasting horrible?

Unless you know about our "targeted" recipes that contain the specific combinations you need to achieve your goals, you'll probably just end up disappointed pouring your drink down the drain. That's because our recipes are highly specific to target different goals.

It frustrates me beyond belief to hear of guys giving up on this simple life changing habit because they have one bad experience and give up too early.

It's just like baking a cake. You can grab a bunch of random foods in the grocery store and whip them together, but if you don't get the portion sizes or correct ingredients then it's going to taste pretty nasty.

There are certain vegetables and fruits that combine better with others and certain juicing rules you need to follow, and they ABSOLUTELY MUST be done in order to taste delicious and help you achieve your targeted goal.

By printing off and keeping this juicing guide in your kitchen, not only will you experience the best tasting juices, you'll be able to take control of every single aspect of your health and fitness.

Can You Really Afford NOT To Learn The Specific Recipes To Optimize Your Diet & Gym Efforts?

Drew has dedicated his entire life, that's hundreds of hours, to investigating, researching and experimenting with the BEST combinations of fruits and veggies to achieve specific health goals, while becoming a healthy and tasty daily ritual.

The amount of time and energy we've spent organizing these recipes is worth thousands of dollars in real life income.

There are literally over hundreds of different fruit and veggie combinations you could come up with and throwing in too much of this or too much of that and you'll quickly give up on this habit because you got the taste wrong. And let's admit: Fruits and veggies are not cheap foods that you want to be pouring down the drain, not finishing or throwing away.

Heck, if after school or when you come home from work you would have to spend hours on your lunch break or in the evening studying books, researching papers, spending money on different veggies you've never tried and then making sure your friends and family like the recipe, too.

So think about this:

Do you really want to risk WASTING money mixing and matching your own recipes that tastey horrible?

Do you really want to keep relying on expensive vitamins/minerals or greens and fiber powders the rest of your life?

Do you really want to keep busting your butt in the gym while seeing slow gains because your body lacks the micro nutrients needed for recovery?

Can you really afford to keep investing in food that your body is not digesting or absorbing? Imagine all the cash you've crapped out over the years! At least a few hundred dollars? Maybe a few thousand dollars?

Now imagine NEVER wasting a single dollar again because you reset your digestion and optimize your internal environment.

The truth is, any price towards your health is never a cost, it's always an investment because you'll have the tools to take control of your body so you can build muscle and strip fat at will. You'll be a willing billboard of success!

But don't worry. We're not going to ask you to apply for a second credit card to get access to these awesome juicing recipes and bonuses.

Since Drew and I are both striving to help 1,000,000 people each through our work we wanted to price this so the investment would be accessible to anyone. If you can afford a trip to the movies, a 2 pound tub of protein powder or lunch in a restaurant, then you'll be very happy to know you can get instance access to the Get Juiced System below for a fraction of your weekly grocery bill – a one-time payment of only $27.

Why it's just $27

Drew and I are on a mission to help 1 million people (each) by the year 2020 and we're all about helping people experience the fastest results with the least amount of effort. We don't want a single guy or gal to be left behind.

So, we figured we could start offering this low price and keep it there until our team can no longer handle the volume of email (we get a lot of "love letter" emails and we have a policy to read and reply to everyone).

Also, we don't have any plans to drop big bucks into a full-blown advertising campaign because we're confident that people will share this website with their friends after they experience the power of juicing. This is just a simple, done-for-you recipe guide that explains the theory behind juicing, answers popular FAQs and then delivers the goods -- 101 recipes to flatten your belly, sculpt your muscles and skyrocket your energy with this simple juicing habit.

Drew has already done the hard work. Drew is the man who designed the recipes and had his thousands of fans decide on the best ones! The recipes have been tested and tweaked and they taste delicious. Every single one will be a little taste of heaven.

So we think $27 is a VERY fair price to you… and we will keep it at $27 for a while longer (keep reading to see what's happening…)

Here's where things get really juicy:

Here's the best guarantee you've ever seen:

60 Day Money Back Guarantee
Guarantee #1

Unmatched Quality

Review the primary components of the program -- the manual and the videos -- and if you don't think they were professionally designed and edited to ensure the easiest and most enjoyable experience to consume… we will issue a prompt 100% refund on the spot" OR:

Guarantee #2

Immediate Results

Use any of the Get Juiced recipes for 60 days on US. If you are not experiencing immediate energy, focus and drive within the first 15 minutes of juicing or the first 1-2 hours of blending… we will give you a prompt 100% refund on the spot… OR:

Guarantee #3

Dream-Come-True Service

If you don't like the SERVICE you receive after purchasing and don't believe we have the most caring and helpful support team to aid you with any concern, we'll give you the same guarantee: 100% of your money back!

We want to make this decision for you super easy by extending to you our no-questions-asked, 60-day Money Back Guarantee. That's how confident we are that you are going to love your Get Juiced recipes.

You have eight full weeks to experiment with Get Juiced, and if it's not for you, for any reason at all, just let us know and we'll refund your money – all of it.

For the first 1,000 people who start juicing with us…

…we're going to reward you for recognizing this amazing opportunity to change your life and to start doing it at an INSANELY low price. The only problem is that I really enjoy spending time with my readers (primarily those that are a part of my Live Large Inner Circle… more about that on the inside)… and so, I know I will HAVE TO INCREASE THE PRICE eventually.

So, take note of the pricing schedule that is currently in effect… and you would be very wise to order now and lock yourself in before the next price jump:

And for being an action-taker I also want to give you three killer gifts for today only…

I am absolutely confident you're getting the BEST juicing recipes ever designed, but we're not done yet. I want you to be extremely pumped with your decision to claim your copy of Get Juiced! Today, we're going to sweeten the pot and hook you up with these three extra-value incentives worth over $200…

Use The Hy(pH)ertrophy Reset To Pack On Muscle Faster!

Get Juiced Presents A 5 Day Cleanse To Eliminate Toxins and Reset Your Digestion

The Hy(pH)ertrophy Reset is a simple 5 day cleanse with a built-in strategic daily juice plan. It tells you what you need to know to get results quickly. Detoxing involves flushing out a lot of the xenoestrogens that are holding your body fat hostage.

These are toxins that you pick up virtually everywhere in the environment. It's critical to flush out these xenoestrogens so you can experience the fastest gains ever.

This is the missing link to a killer body and where most programs miss the mark. They focus on eat this, work out like this. This is useless if your body is not absorbing and digesting your food and utilizing the nutrients for recovery, fat loss and sculpted muscles. By the end of these five days your body will reset to square one so that you can experience a life-changing body transformation.

Retail Price: $37… YOURS FREE!

Here Are My 7 Favorite HYPERGROWTH Recipes For Serious Size!

Get Juiced Presents Vince's Top 7 Juicing Recipes on HD Video!

Vince's top 7 juicing recipes in HD video

When I'm training super hard and looking to shred fat I have seven "go to" juicing recipes that I rotate around each day of the week. If you only use seven of the 101 recipes, these are them and they are SO good they deserved to be recorded on video to explain the benefits of each ingredient. Heck, I promise you'll get your money's worth from these seven recipes alone.

Retail Price: $27… YOURS FREE!



Here Is Your 7-Day "No Fail" Get Started Plan

Here Are Your First 7 Days of Recipes on Printable Cue Cards + Your Grocery List

The 7-Day No Fail Get Started Plan

Being overwhelmed leads to inaction and we refuse to let that happen so we've made it ridiculously easy to get started right away. Simply print off the cue cards with Vince's 7 favorite recipes, leave them in your kitchen and you're good to go. You have no excuse to not kick-butt right from the get-go!

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Join us for the Online Juicing Seminar

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This 60-minute seminar dives deep into the most current muscle-building, fat loss, cleansing, nutrition, juicing and mindset secrets that we share with only my (Vince's) personal coaching clients… PLUS it gives you the chance (if you opt for it) to gain access to my weekly Live Large TV show, now in its fifth epic season -- a highly entertaining, educational and empowering show to help you live large inside and outside of the gym with your body, relationships, career and life.

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Win The Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro Longevity Hybrid Juicer ($319.80 Retail Price)

Once A Month We're Giving Away ONE Hybrid Juicer To Our BEST 30-Day Body Transformation!

The PowerGrind Pro Longevity Hybrid Juicer

Goals without deadlines are simply dreams. Once you begin our Get Juiced program, submit your 30-day transformation pictures to us, alongside an essay, about how our juicing recipes changed your life. When your transformation inspires us the most, we will ship a $319.80 Hybrid Juicer to your front door. How nuts is that? This is one of our favorite juicers and you're guaranteed to taste the difference. This gift is to show you how committed we are to helping you succeed and experience a life beyond societies lame expectations of what's "normal." You deserve more than the norm and for taking action, you'll get your shot of winning this beast of a juicer. You won't see anyone else do this and that's because they don't care as much about you as we do!

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If You Don't Seize This Opportunity, You Will NEVER Look & Feel Your Absolute Best

I'm sure you know that Drew spent thousands of dollars on nutrition workshops and courses studying the benefits of every single fruit and vegetable, plus, the hundreds of hours trying out different recipes before perfecting these recipes.

Now you could go out and do the same thing, or look online for some free "juicing" videos and experiment for months trying to figure out which exact juices are best for YOUR particular body type and goals.

Or, you could really shortcut the process and invest in me and Drew as your coaches to deliver the most delicious and result-driven juicing recipes in the world.

You have no other option than to sculpt your abs and develop ripped muscle quickly! I am confident that you will take advantage of this incredible chance at claiming a body you're proud to show off.

When you make this important decision today, you will eliminate the
OBSTACLES holding you back from MASSIVE GAINS.
Let the science prove it to you:

  • Faster recovery: When your body is getting (and absorbing) all of the micronutrients it needs, your immune system is freed up to repair muscle tissue and build muscle in much shorter time. Not only is your immune system going to be working faster, but because your insulin sensitivity will be rebooted, glycogen uptake by your muscle tissue will improve drastically speeding up recovery even more.
  • Less muscle soreness: You will also be getting plenty of potassium, magnesium and other essentials that your muscles need to recover more quickly and with fewer aches, pains, cramping or shakes after a hard workout.
  • Optimized immune system: Because your body is getting plenty of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals, you will have fewer free radicals, fewer bouts with illness and less inflammation overall. You will notice far less pain from any arthritis or joint issues too.
  • Reduce inflammation… reduce metabolic syndrome… maximize insulin sensitivity: Because reducing inflammation also reduces the risk or symptoms of metabolic syndrome, you will also be able to lose any excess abdominal fat caused by the disorder. In turn, losing that fat will not only give you a six pack (maybe for the first time ever) but it will also help correct your insulin sensitivity, which will help you to lose even more body fat overall. I have seen guys get leaner after starting juicing than they have ever been before, without having to cut more calories or do more cardio.
  • Faster metabolism: Once you have detoxed and reset your digestive system, your metabolism is going to speed up drastically. Losing that excess belly fat and adding more lean muscle is going to speed it up even more. You'll find that you will be able to eat more without gaining fat and be able to lose more body fat in a shorter period of time during cutting.
  • Better sleep, more stamina… even better sex: Correcting your hormone levels is going to do amazing things for your body and your life. Higher testosterone levels mean more stamina, greater strength, the ability to build much bigger muscles and even better erections. (As an added bonus, having a better sex life lowers your cortisol levels even more because of the endorphins that arousal and orgasm release.)
  • Even more benefits: All of the incredible vitamins, minerals and antioxidants you will be absorbing will also clear up your skin and make it more youthful, help to give you much more mental clarity and focus, and help you sleep better and awaken more rested.
  • The biggest benefit of all is that you will be happier! Your moods will be more stable because of healthier hormone and blood sugar levels and your attitude can't help but improve when you've got energy to burn, you're seeing faster and greater fat loss, finally getting massive muscle gains and even enjoying a better sex life.
Get Juiced Recipes and all the bonuses

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As Albert Einstein defined Insanity:
"Doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results."

If you read this far, you need to understand you're on the verge of making a breakthrough in your life.

You can keep trying to get all your veggies and fruits through whole foods or you can optimize your gains and health by drinking them, too.

You already know the importance of testosterone, alkalinity, insulin sensitivity, digestion and absorption. You know that you can't out train a bad diet. You know that your nutrition is easily 80% (or more!) of your muscle-building and fat-loss results.

Now is the time to get access to 101 Muscle-Charging Juicing recipes to give your mind, body and life an unfair advantage.

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  • Carve sculpted, lean muscle that makes men envious and women take a second (and third) look.
  • And So Much More!

Yours in health, passion and fitness

Vince Del Monte

Honours Kinesiology Degree
PICP Level 1 & 2 Certified
Precision Nutrition Certified
BioSignature Modulation Practioner
PIMST & FFT Certified
WBFF Pro Fitness Model

Drew Canole

3 Time Best Selling Author
Chief Authority in Juicing for Transformation
Certified Nutrition Specialist
Elite International Consultant

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Juicing FAQ

Q: What is the difference between blending and juicing?

Blending simply combines all of the ingredients you place in your blender, leaving the pulp and fiber intact. Fiber is a great addition to your diet and can help prevent many diseases. Unlike juicing, however, consuming blended drinks makes your bodywork harder to digest the ingredients.

Juicing separates the pulp from the vegetables and fruits, leaving only juice behind. With juicing you are still consuming beneficial soluble fiber, like pectin. Juicing also helps with the removal of toxins from your body and aids in weight loss.

Both are beneficial and should be added to your diet. I personally love blending and keeping the fiber. Drew likes juicing and we have both seen and felt the difference since adding it to my lifestyle.

Q: What kind of juicer should I get?

There are many juicers on the market to choose from, but can be broken down into three main types: centrifugal, masticating, and a new type which I' ll explain below.

Centrifugal juicers work best with soft and hard fruits and vegetables, but not quite as well with leafy greens like kale or spinach, or with wheatgrass. A centrifugal juicer spins at high speeds and during the spinning motion; the vegetables that you have shoved down the chute are ground to a pulp. It's best to drink your juice immediately to get optimal results, since it starts losing its nutrients almost immediately. What people like the most about this type of juicer is that it's quick and easy to clean.

A masticating juicer grinds vegetables and literally squishes out the juice. Since a masticating juicer works at low speeds and with no spinning action, it tends to juice many vegetables more efficiently. Because of the slower crushing and squeezing action, masticating juicers can process leafy greens and wheatgrass, and the juice that they produce will last much longer than juice made in a centrifugal juicer. I have found masticating juicers to be harder to use, more time consuming and harder to clean.

A new breed of juicer is emerging... the slow juicer or upright juicer. This type of juicer has an upright design similar to centrifugal juicers, but operates similar to the masticating juicer, with the auger or gear that crushes the food and presses out the juice. 

Drew has seven juicers. They range from the centrifugal type to the masticating. The one he prefers to use is the Jay Kordich PowerGrind Pro juicer. It is a slow juicer so you get similar benefits as a masticating juicer, but it's much easier to clean and is easy to use. This juicer is a money saver, too! You get a ton of juice by only using a small amount of vegetables. With my other juicers, I had to use more vegetables to get the same amount of juice as I get from my PowerGrind Pro. Some of our other favorites include the Jay Kordich Pro, Breville and Jack Lalaine. 

Q: What about losing the fiber while juicing?

This is an age-old question when it comes to juicing. The major benefit of juicing comes from absorbing all of the enzymes, aminos and minerals almost immediately. With fibrous foods, such as "smoothies," your body has to break it down. This can last anywhere from 2-3 hours. This is the fundamental reason why juicing is so amazing. If you want to add fiber to your drinks, you can. We recommend Chia Seeds and Psyllium Husk. 

Q: How long will my juice stay good for?

Research has proven that juice loses much of its outstanding nutrient content (through oxidation) if not consumed relatively quickly after extraction. The amount of time a juice remains fresh is dependant on the type of juicer you're using. 


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Q: Can I have too much juice?

Remember, juicing does NOT replace a complete diet. We still recommend you consume whole food fruits and vegetables with your diet. Juicing upgrades your health to optimal levels.  Depending on your goals, the amount of juice you consume can change. Usually drinking 12-24 ounces at least once a day is sufficient.  I start every morning with 24 ounces of juice and then have my first meal of the day a few minutes after. Sometimes I'll add a second one after hard training sessions.

Q: Can I use a blender for these juicing recipes? 

I'm all for saving money and not having a hundred small appliances and gadgets all over my kitchen, so I actually just use a VitaMix blender at home. You will have to strain the juice from the solids once the processing is done if you want pure juice. If you want to skip that step and leave the pulp in (which I do), you'll still get all the nutritional benefits, but you won't get that immediate hit of energy that you do with pure juice.

Having said that, you need to have a really good blender if you want to use it for juicing. Cheap blenders don't have the motor or blade strength to handle the harder veggies like carrots. The best blender I've ever owned is a VitaMix and mine is actually several years old and working like new. The VitaMix has a lot more power than most blenders, so it does a really good job of extracting as much juice as possible.

The other two blenders I would recommend are KitchenAid (the one that you attach to the KitchenAid mixer, not their cheaper, stand- alone versions) and a commercial Waring model. You can get the Waring models at restaurant supply stores for the same price as a decent blender at a store, but it'lll be much tougher and last a lot longer.  Our favorite blenders are the Blendtec, VitaMix and Versa. 

Q: I have high powered blender. Will these recipes still work or do I really need a juicer?

The recipes will work either blended or juiced. However, your body will respond differently to either method.

Blending simply combines all of the ingredients you place in your blender, leaving the pulp and fiber intact. Fiber is a great addition to your diet and can help prevent many diseases. Unlike juicing, however, consuming blended drinks makes your bodywork harder to digest the ingredients.

Juicing separates the pulp from the vegetables and fruits, leaving only juice behind. With juicing you are still consuming beneficial soluble fiber, like pectin. Juicing also helps with the removal of toxins from your body and aids in weight loss. 

Both are beneficial and should be added to your diet. Drew personally loves juicing and has seen and felt the difference since adding it to his lifestyle. I am in love with his VitaMix and feels incredible blending. In time, consider equipping your kitchen with both tools. 

Q: I don't have a juicer, is it okay if I use the Ninja blender (or insert name of blender you own here)?

Same response as above. Ultimately, the best blend is the that you use!


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Q: Will the recipes still taste great if I blend instead of juice?

Absolutely, without a shadow of a doubt.  Not a single recipe that didn't pass our taste test did not make it into the guide. The only recipes we included were the ones our family and friends and clients loved the most and that went down smooth and tasty. 

Q: What happens if this program doesn’t work for me?

Simple. Then it’s ALL FREE.

Listen, if you follow the Get Juiced recipes consistently and you’re not floored by the results and this way of living, just contact us and we’ll refund every penny. Fair enough?

Not only do we live the juicing lifestyle and personally walk our talk, we stand behind our product as the most easy, tasty, and powerful way to burn fat and build lean muscle – fast, while still enjoying your life on a daily basis. And if you don’t agree with us after you follow our recipe guide, you get your money back. No funny stuff, no hassles, no hidden clauses. Just a prompt courteous refund.

So now you have ZERO risk and we carry the burden by standing behind our promise. We’ve provided the road map. Now it’s up to you to take action.


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