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10 Reasons You've STOPPED Building Muscle…
And How To Reverse It.

By Vince Del Monte & Drew Canole

Did you know that unless you’re consuming at least 10-15 cups of vegetables every single day, you won’t be fully absorbing all the nutrients you’re eating and spending your hard earned money on? In reality, you’re mostly just “crapping cash” and peeing expensive urine because you're missing out on all the MOST CRITICAL nutrients you need to release the breaks halting your results.

Did you know that most people have radically altered and damaged their metabolism from a season of processed, boxed and packaged fake “food products” that are LOADED with hidden chemicals and obesity additives?  So when they decide to start eating healthy whole foods, all the necessary and beneficial ingredients are wasted because they’re not digested OR absorbed (even if it’s expensive organic food)!

Did you know that you can reset your digestion and maximize absorption of the exact micronutrients you need to buff up your body, in just five minutes a day? Now, we understand you might be supplementing with an expensive greens powder or multivitamin each month, but we're here to tell you, after helping more than one million people combined, introducing super nutrient uploads to your day is the easiestcheapest and fastest method for making drastic changes in your health, energy and body. None of this is fantasy talk, it's basic physiology. Here's a great analogy: 

Imagine paying for premium gas in your sports car week after week and never changing the oil. Your 500 horsepower Lamborghini just turned into a 100 horsepower Honda Civic!

Get it?

So how can you perform an internal oil change on your body?

By reading each and every word of this short article on the 10 Rarely-Discussed Reasons HOLDING YOU BACK From Massive Gains.

Hi there, my name is Drew Canole and as the founder of the biggest juicing website on the Internet. To date we've already helped 818,000 people and it always begins with avoiding the 10 rarely-discussed reasons you've STOPPED gaining muscle.  It's information you'll be lucky to find once in a blue moon via your typical muscle and fitness magazine and explains why it's not your fault you have slow-to-grow bodyparts. Unfortunately, mainstream fitness info focuses on the macronutrients causing you to miss out the micronutrients responsible for accelerating your gains…

With that said, we have to warn you: What you're about to learn is not in your latest muscle magazine or website. That's because these places are designed to do one thing - SELL SUPPLEMENTS. Don't believe me?

Take a look at any fitness mag -- you'll find endless advertisements for the latest pills, powders, potions and even for vitamins, minerals and antioxidants we need. Unfortunately, the micronutrients in supplements are LESS BIO-AVAILABLE than those you get from whole, fresh fruits and vegetables, so you end up with far less of them in your bloodstream than you think. You also spend a lot of money for that less-than-ideal supplement, which means you're peeing away some expensive urine!

The problem is that without sufficient amounts of these micronutrients, you're not going to get the massive gains you want and you are not going to see optimal fat loss either. And the best source of every micronutrient (with the exception of B-12, which is only found in animal products and fortified grains) is fresh plant food!

These 10 reasons reveal the problems you MUST FIX if you want to unlock the key to massive gains... and it will only take you 5 short minutes a day to reset your digestion, stop crapping cash & start building dense & ripped muscle faster

Below, in no particular order, you'll find 10 hidden problems, and you'll also discover how easy it can be to turn your bodies internal 'muscle-building switch' back to the permanent "ON" position, which means you can grow without plateau…

1. You have poor digestive health.

The chief cause of this poor digestion is a serious lack of the vitamins, minerals and enzymes that our digestive system needs to function, which leads to poor absorption of more vitamins and minerals and enzymes. It's a nasty cycle, but it can be broken by both cleansing our digestive tracts and taking in plenty of plant-based nutrients. When your digestive system is unable to absorb the enzymes, vitamins and minerals in your food, the micronutrients you are getting (including the ones you get from expensive vitamin supplements) are literally going down the toilet... along with your time and money.

2. You're dehydrated.

Research has shown that a 1.5 percent decrease in water loss resulted in a decrease in muscle strength and muscle strength is an important trigger for boosting muscle growth. Given that such a small amount of water loss can compromise strength, staying hydrated can help you keep your strength and gain muscle over the long haul. Dehydration also accelerates muscle breakdown, slows recovery and disrupts digestion. It would be in your best interest to NEVER become dehydrated if you desire a strong and defined body up the road.

3. Your body is chronically inflamed.

Chronic inflammation must be avoided all all costs. Regardless of it's cause, chronic inflammation stops muscle growth (and can even lead to muscle loss). It has been shown that chronic inflammation negatively alters the signaling processes that are necessary in rebuilding and repairing muscles. Chronic inflammation is detrimental to every process and function in our body, particularly healing, including healing muscles. Stress plays a key role in propagating chronic inflammation. You can learn a simple strategy on the next page to keep chronic stress to a minimum.

4. You're aging faster.

Generally, muscle mass declines with age, starting around 40 and picking up speed after age 50. The major culprits are a lack of exercise, poor nutrition, hormonal changes and bodywide inflammation. All of these causes can be attacked with our simple 5-minute super nutrient uploads on the next page.

5. You can't recover from workout-to-workout.

Training alone does not build muscle. Training, in fact, breaks down muscle. Muscles need time to repair and rebuild, and working out before you're recovered can lead to further muscle breakdown instead of building. Unfortunately, many guys actually get smaller and weaker over time because they continue to train without optimal recovery. Don't believe me? Think about the majority of people in your gym. Do they really look any different than last year? On the next page you'll learn the easiest recovery ritual so that you don't remain the same…

6. Your body is too acidic.

A high-protein diet, which is an essential part of gaining muscle, actually puts your body into a more acidic state. When the amino acids in proteins are broken down, they release a great deal of phosphorus and sulfur, which are highly acidic. Your body uses alkaline foods to help balance this acid, but if you're not eating enough alkaline foods (mainly plant foods, especially greens), your body will pull resources right out of your muscle tissue, such as glutamine. Your body will actually break down existing muscle tissue to free up that glutamine, which is exactly the opposite of what you're trying to accomplish by working out and eating all that protein. Super nutrient uploads will allow you to take in an enormous amount of alkaline plant foods so that your pH is optimized for muscle growth and you can read about how we give you a head-start on the next page.

7. Your liver is taxed with toxicity.

Your liver is the brain of your body and it must work right for your metabolic and fat burning ability to be normal and healthy. Your body needs specific lipotropic nutrients which help fat flow out of your liver and other nutrients to play a supportive role in clearing out toxins from environmental stressors and processed foods that can stall the fat loss needed to strip off the fat covering your lean and defined muscles.

8. Your workouts lack intensity.

This one should be self-explanatory but maybe not… Intensity is the single most important factor for getting favorable results and it's critical your muscles are experiencing forceful muscular contractions. The higher intensity you can generate, the great stimulation for muscle growth but the key is to do this progressively and continually and this will never happen when your body is deficient in any micronutrient. Remember, your body is only as good as your weakest link.

9. Your immune system is suppressed.

Muscle building itself is an immune response. You work a muscle to fatigue, causing tiny tears or micro-fissures in the muscle tissue and your body repairs them. Do you realize that those tears are basically an injury? Which system repairs injuries? Your immune system. BUT, your immune system is a complicated one and there are a lot of factors that influence how well and how quickly your body repairs (builds) that muscle tissue. For instance, your immune system triages its resources. It is like a gun, and vitamins and minerals are the bullets it uses to wipe out anything that is harming your body. It prioritizes the use of those vitamins and minerals and the truth is that your immune system doesn't really care much about your bodybuilding goals making it all the more important to follow the advice on on the next page.

10. Your hormones are out of whack.

Part of the reason you've stopped gaining muscle is because your hormones are way out of balance, especially insulin, cortisol and testosterone. High levels of insulin in your bloodstream stimulate your body to store glucose as fat instead of converting it into glycogen and getting it into your muscles to be burned as fuel. High cortisol levels prompt your body to store more fat, especially in your abs. Low levels of testosterone prevent you from building lean muscle and keep you from gaining mass no matter how good your workout protocol is.

So what does this have to do with juicing? One of the most important connections has to do with free radicals. Free radicals are caused by toxins, environmental stress, emotional stress and a whole slew of things that attack our bodies. We want some free radicals in our bodies to fight off these things, but free radicals also destroy healthy cells. This can cause reduced liver and kidney function and get our hormones out of balance.

How do you reduce free radicals, help regulate insulin, lower cortisol levels and raise testosterone? By getting an abundance of the micronutrients found in vegetables and fruits, especially phytochemicals and other antioxidants found in very colorful fruits and vegetables such as beets, carrots and berries. 

Simply put, your body has zero interest in building muscle unless its basic needs are taken care of, first and that starts with consuming a SPECIFIC COMBINATION of at lesst 10-15 serving of fruits and veggies every single day.

Unfortunately, those who don’t have access to this information will continue to pound the protein, drop thousands of dollars a year on supplements, smash up their bodies in the gym and then wonder, "Why am I busting my ass and still looking the same?" 

Vince Del Monte

Vince and I have literally worked with thousands of regular trainees of all ages and even pro physique athletes over the years. The ones who see the fastest results -- resulting in sculpted muscles that move strong and fast -- are the ones who do super nutrient uploads day in and day out. 

Lucky for you, I've spent years making the mistake of trying to whip together every random fruit and veggie combination imaginable. Unfortunately, many of our “concoctions” were failures and were silently poured down the drain (I cringe when I think about how much money I literally poured down the drain), but I prefer to see them as “experiments” because every single one that made the “cut” and will be shared with you on the next page so that you avoid pouring your money down the drain.

Over the past decade, I have assembled and organized a delicious collection of PRECISE, EXACT and SPECIFIC secret ingredients for men and women that has been expanded with the help of my good friend and muscle-building expert Vince Del Monte, and it's called GET JUICED: 101 Muscle-Charging Juicing Recipes. Each juicing recipe focuses on a specific goal with a very unique and specific combination of fruits and veggies so you can experience acharge within (quite literally) a matter of minutes.

You heard that right! 

You can start drinking them with the same benefits. We are busy. We have jobs. We value our time and don't want to be in the kitchen spending endless hours for the rest of our life cooking and eating vegetables!  The Get JuicedSystem is our personal gift to the muscle and fitness world so you can optimize your internal environment and automatically upload your body with nutrient-rich foods to build a ripped, muscular and attention-grabbing body -WITHOUT the headache of cooking and preparing veggies or insane supplement bills each month


Let's set the record straight: The Get Juiced System is definitely not for everyone. For example:

  • If you honestly and truthfully have already been consuming consume 10-15 serving of whole food fruits and veggies every single day  and your diet is absolutely perfect then this might NOT be for you.
  • If you don't view consuming fruits and veggies as an INVESTMENT toward your LONG TERM HEALTH and muscle gains… this is not for you.
  • And, if you're too lazy to invest at least five measly minutes a day to prepare these simple juicing recipes to guarantee an attractive and confident body, this is not for you.

"So, what's my next move?"

If you are ready to get started with our Get Juiced System that features 101 muscle-charging juicing recipes, our 5-day Hy(pH)ertrophy Reset, Vince's Top 7 Muscle-Charging Recipes ‘Cheat Sheet’ and a private coaching call with me and Vince, then click the button below and we'll take you to the next page.

On the very next page, we'll let you in on the specifics of our Get Juiced System, and how you can get started less than 30 minutes from now.

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